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Automotive Preset Pack

Automotive Preset Pack

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These 10 presets were developed for use in automotive photography. Whether it’s a Prius in a parking garage or a Ferrari on a mountain road, the Automotive Preset Pack is designed to save you time, achieve brighter colours and helps your photos come to life. Be aware, some of the presets contain graduated filters, drag them around to fit your needs. Scroll down for some examples!


Use this advanced editing technique and speed up your workflow with our latest presets. These presets will enhance the scenery in your photos and have a film-like feel to achieve beautiful results. Great for your fashion, portraits, lifestyle and travel projects!

Our presets are made for Adobe Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic and Lightroom Mobile (released later than April 2018 because of the new .XMP files). They work on both RAW and JEPG files. We recommend to shoot in RAW and play around with the Exposure Adjustment, Contrast and White Balance to get the best results for your own photos.

The AUTOMOTIVE pack contains 10 presets and that are great for different shooting situations. They are designed for professional and starting photographers to enhance their work in just a few easy clicks! Be aware, some of the presets contain graduated filters. Drag them around to fit your needs.

Check out these before & afters to see how the presets work on our own images.

Automotive 1

Automotive 2

Automotive 3

Automotive 4

Automotive 5

Automotive 6

Automotive 7

Automotive 8

Automotive 9

Automotive 10

What you will receive:

– A download link in your mailbox with these 10 presets for Lightroom.
– You’ll receive a PDF with step-by-step instructions on how to install the presets.

If you share your results on social media, be sure to use the hashtag #presetgallery and tag @presetgallery to get featured!

All sales are final and non refundable. We recommend to buy the presets on your computer for the best installation.

*Note: You must have a paid subscription to Adobe Lightroom CC desktop in order to sync these presets with the free Lightroom Mobile App. Since April 2018, .XMP files are the new preset file. They work on the latest versions of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Lightroom CC, and Adobe Camera Raw released later than April 2018.

See our FAQ for more info.


  1. I’ve been following Eric for a while now and it’s great to achieve the same look in my photos!

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