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What are presets?

Presets are pre-recorderd filters that can be used by everyone in Adobe Lightroom. Presets are a great way to achieve a certain style in your photography. We also use these presets during our travels with the Lightroom Mobile App on our phone to post these photos on Instagram. You will receive .XMP files, so you can use them both on your desktop and mobile!

What program do I need? Do they work on Mac and PC?

All of our presets are designed for Adobe Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC on your computer and the Adobe Lightroom Mobile App on your phone/tablet. They work on Mac and PC.

Since April 2018, .XMP files are the new preset file. They work on the latest versions of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Lightroom CC, and Adobe Camera Raw released later than April 2018.

How do I install the presets in Lightroom Classic CC?

Option 1:
In the ‘Develop’ mode, click the +button in the presets tab on the left side of your screen, (if you don’t see this tab, then check Window > Panels > Presets.) and click on ‘Import Presets’ and search for the Preset Gallery folder to import the .xmp files. Done!

Option 2:
1. Open Lightroom Classic CC and click on the Lightroom button in the top left corner.
2. Go to: Preferences.
3. Go to: Presets.
4. Go to: Show Lightroom Presets Folder.
5. You should see the folder Lightroom. Then click: Develop Presets.
6. Drag your new Preset Gallery folder in the Develop Presets folder.
7. Close and re-open Lightroom.
8. Open a photo in Lightroom in the Develop mode and you will see the presets appear on the left side.
(if you don’t see this tab, then check Window > Panels > Presets.)

How do I install the presets in Adobe Lightroom CC?

1. Open Lightroom CC on your desktop computer.
2. Go to: File > Import Profiles & Presets.
3. Locate the Preset Gallery folder you just purchased.
4. Click ‘Import’.
5. Download the Lightroom Mobile App on your phone.
6. Login with the same account as on your desktop.
7. Be sure both devices are connected to the internet for a successful sync. You can check this by clicking the cloud icon in Lightroom CC in the top right corner.
8. When you open your photo, the presets tab is located in the bottom bar. All done!

Can I use the presets on my phone?

Yes! But keep in mind, you have to Install the presets with Lightroom CC on your computer and sync them with your Lightroom Mobile app on your phone. You can’t use the presets without installing them on your computer first.

Install the Adobe Lightroom Mobile App on your phone and check our Install Guide to see how to use these presets on your phone images as well. We sell .XMP files that can be used both on Lightroom Desktop as Mobile, we don’t sell .DNG files.

*Note: You must have a paid subscription to Adobe Lightroom CC desktop in order to sync these presets with the free Lightroom Mobile App.

Do the presets work with RAW and/or JPG files?

Yes! These presets will work with RAW and JPG files. We recommend to shoot in RAW because this file type saves all the information and makes it easier to use and tweak the presets. We advise you to play around with the Exposure Adjustment, Contrast and White Balance to get the best results for your own photos.

How do I receive the presets?

After your payment is completed, you will receive the presets by email in a ZIP file. Be sure to check your spam filter.